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Hollalujah For: Margaret Cho

In my early teenage years, I discovered Margaret Cho. It was completely by accident. Her stand-up comedy special, “I’m the One that I Want” was on television one night and I sat in front of the television with open ears, wide eyes and quick fingers ready to change the channel just in case my parents walked past the room. It was around the same time I discovered and fell in love with Henry Rollins as well. I liked my performers loud, funny, and unapologetic, especially when it came to their own progressive political opinions. It was the same reason why I was drawn to Margaret Cho. I watched and listen to her speak about politics, sexuality, race, and body image. I had read Simone de Beauvoir. I had heard about Riot Grrl culture. But Margaret Cho showed me that feminism could be funny and that queer women of color had a place, whether it be in comedy or feminism or political activism. As a young girl coming of age during the Bush Administration, I appreciated her ability to be unwavering and critical in a time where it was extremely necessary. As a young woman now, I am still in awe of her, whether she is talking about human rights or polyamorous relationship dynamics. Hollalujah for Margaret Cho for being inspiring and for helping me realize that I’m the One that I Want. And that I have been this whole time.


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